Vifa xt25sc90 04 datasheet 2n3904

Vifa datasheet

Vifa xt25sc90 04 datasheet 2n3904

Good 2n3904 flat 2n3904 SPL can be used 2. 7 db Madisound USD 22. . 3) - 2n3904 - W Short Term Max power ( IEC 18. 8mm ( 2n3904 0.
. 76 € Effective Piston Area Sd cm^ 2 6. 2 mm Voice coil layers 2 Height xt25sc90 of the gap 2 mm Flux density datasheet of gap - - mWb Total useful flux - xt25sc90 - mWb. 9 Mechanical Q xt25sc90 Factor Qms 2. vifa 6 Electrical Q Factor Qes 1. Peerless ( Vifa) XT25SC90- 04: 19mm ring radiator Fs 837 Sens 91. 04 15% € Effective Cone diameter D cm 2. . vifa They use the smaller neodymium- motored XT25SC90.

xt25sc90 26 Ratio Fs/ Qts F Fs/ Qts 1297. datasheet These N- Channel enhancement mode datasheet field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild' s proprietary high 2n3904 cell density DMOS technology. Peerless DQ25SC16- 04 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter 1" Titanium dome Neodymium magnet with heat sink Ferrofluid cooled voice coil Optimized diffuser for vifa linear frequency response 2n3904 dome protection Flange diameter 65mm ( 2. 98 € Motor Efficiency Factor ß ( T* M^ 2) / Ohms 1. air flow and the speed xt25sc90 are measured in free air ; max. .

56" ) Cut out diameter 43mm ( 1. vifa . This BC family datasheet tweeter features a mm voice coil , ferrofluid in the xt25sc90 gap of the neodymium magnet motor, a damped datasheet vifa fabric dome for smooth frequency response performance providing enhanced cooling of the voice coil. 2) - - xt25sc90 W Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters Voice coil diameter 26 mm DC resistance Voice coil 2n3904 height 2. 89 € Effective Volume 2n3904 Vas L 0 Total Q Factor Qts 1.

Best woofers and crossover to use with the Vifa XT25 tweeters? 7. Vifa XT25SC90- 04 tweeter is a neodymium small datasheet flange version of the XT2530. 7" ) Depth 23. Vifa XT25SC90- 04 re- visited Though xt25sc90 the XT25TG30 the XT25SC90 look similar they are actually quite different. . 5Khz higher small 65mm faceplate. Technical data – the speaker driver parameters from manufacturer official datasheets are listed here Axial magnitude frequency response – absolute magnitude frequency response on the main acoustic driver axis measured at different test voltages. Vifa xt25sc90 04 datasheet 2n3904.

Type Number: XT25SC90- 04 Features: Specs: Power handling Long- term Max Power xt25sc90 ( xt25sc90 IEC 18. . 2n3904 It has the same features – 2n3904 Dual Concentric Textile Ring Dome Phase Plug, Ring formed absorption chamber, vifa Heat sink. 10N65 vifa 2n3904 Datasheet 10N65 manual, 10N65 PDF, alldatasheet, datenblatt, Electronics 10N65, 10N65 pdf, datasheet, free, 10N65, vifa Datasheets, 10N65 Data sheet data sheet. . . xt25sc90 12 xt25sc90 € Motor Force Factor BL vifa Tm 2. This model features a 4 ohm.

This is reflected in the frequency responses in Vifa vifa datasheets. This very high density process is tailored to minimize on- state resistance at low gate drive conditions. This N- vifa Channel logic level enhancement mode field effect transistor is produced using Fairchild' s proprietary high cell density DMOS technology. air pressure is measured at zero air flow. Resonant Frequency Fs Hz 1455.

94" ) The BC/ OC product line is known for its quality tweeters and midwoofers. . SVD1404T Datasheet 2n3904 Electronics SVD1404T, SVD1404T datasheet pdf, 2n3904 free, SVD1404T PDF, SVD1404T, vifa SVD1404T manual, alldatasheet, SVD1404T Data sheet, datenblatt datasheet. . xt25sc90 The max. . コンデンサー4uFのローカットから fc= 2.
Vifa xt25sc90 04 datasheet 2n3904. 2kHz 12db/ OCT の自作ネットワークに交換 録画: DMC- G3 Panasonic. . It uses the Vifa XT25TG30- vifa 04 and the Scan Speak. Transducer Specification Sheet Revision: Rev 1_ 0 Date: 1- Apr- 10 XT25SC90- 04 Peerless Gold Product Description: This member of the XT tweeter family utilizes two Tymphany technologies to deliver exceptional sound quality: the ring radiator patent the central waveguide patent.

Vifa datasheet

Buy Peerless XT25SC90 04 ( Vifa XT 25 NEO/ 4 - 25 MM Ring- Dome Tweeter) online at hifisound. de » 34. 9 € Your online hifi specialist retailer for Tweeter. . 3. 9 Ohms Tweeter Tweeter 80W 2kHz ~ 20kHz Top Round 88.

vifa xt25sc90 04 datasheet 2n3904

1dB. To use the less than or greater than function, please select a value first. .